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El Coyote Quilts Warranty

  • We offer a one-year limited warranty against product failure due to manufacturing, material, or design defects.

  • Products will be repaired or replaced at our discretion based on the specific needs of each case.

  • Warranty does not include tears, scuffs, punctures, etc. caused by misuse or abuse. Normal wear-and-tear and the natural breakdown of materials over time and use are also not covered.

  • The warranty also does not cover quilts that have been modified, or damage caused by improper cleaning and care or storage. 

  • Due to the ultralight nature of our products, some normal wear-and-tear should be expected and will not be covered by warranty.

  • Zippers used in our products are high-quality YKK zippers but these can also break down with time and due to the extreme difficulty to replace, will fall under normal wear-and-tear. There are however options on how to address a zipper issue. Contact us to discuss the options and cost of a possible zipper repair or replacement.

  • Shipping cost back to our shop is not covered under warranty.

  • Please contact us for approval before sending any products back for potential warranty, repair or replacement.

  • This limited warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the El Coyote Quilts product and is not transferable.

  • Products purchased from an unauthorized dealer or from third party internet sites will not be covered under warranty even if accompanied by the original receipt

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