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Sizing Guide

Height (length)
Measured from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head.

Other Height Considerations

  • Our Quilt lengths are designed to cinch comfortably around your neck with the footbox drawn closed while on your side or back. 

  • Stomach sleepers typically sleep with pointed toes so you may want to consider a slightly longer quilt.

Girth (width)
Standing in a relaxed position with your arms at your sides, measure around the widest part of your body including your arms.

Other Girth Considerations

  • Side sleeping and restless sleeping usually require a little extra width. 

  • Back sleepers and hammock users can sometimes get away with a narrower quilt.

  • If you are on the fence between widths, it is usually a good idea to bump up to the next size. 

  • Trying to shave a small amount of weight by getting a quilt that is to narrow can let in drafts and leave you cold.

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