Goose Down Fill



El Coyote Quilts is proud to partner with ALLIED Feather and Down. We use only the highest quality 900+ fill power, untreated goose down. All our down is RDS certified (Responsible Down Standard), and ethically sourced from supply chains that engage in best practices for animal welfare.


Track My Down

With your custom quilt you will receive a Track My Down card with a QR code. Scan this code to learn everything you need to know about the specific lot of down that was used to fill your quilt. Click here for an example. Information includes the exact region from which the down was sourced, down specifications, and the verified fill power.


Fill Power

Fill power is a measurement of the downs ability to fill and trap air within a given space (loft). More specifically, how many cubic inches of loft 1 ounce of a particular down will create.

For example, 1 ounce of our 900+ FP down will fill no less than 900 cubic inches of space. 1 ounce of a lower FP down such as 800 FP will only fill 800 cubic inches, requiring more down to get the same loft (warmth), increasing weight, and decreasing compressibility.

Higher fill powers have greater warmth-to-weight ratios. Fill powers are determined by the strength and size of individual down clusters. Larger down clusters will trap more air and thus have a higher fill power. The largest down clusters come from geese, NOT ducks.

El Coyote Quilts only uses high quality goose down that is verified in laboratory testing to be rated between 900-950 fill power.

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Loft refers to how thick or tall one layer of the quilt is while it is lying flat in its completely uncompressed state.

Loft is responsible for trapping the warmth your body creates to keep you warm.

Higher loft = more warmth trapped = you stay warmer.



All El Coyote Quilts feature 30% overstuff beyond the standard amount of down used to reach the listed temperature ratings of the sleep system. Technically speaking, 30% overstuff will make the quilt slightly warmer than its listed temperature rating by adding a small amount of loft but this is not the main purpose of overstuff.

There are a few reasons to overstuff the baffles of a down quilt.

First and foremost, the purpose of overstuff is to fill the baffles more thoroughly. This will reduce the movement of the down within the baffles and eliminate cold spots. It is important to understand however, that overstuff is not a 'more is better' concept. Each temperature rating is constructed with a different interior baffle height to accommodate the required amount of down. Packing more down than is needed into a baffle that is already properly filled can be counterproductive. This will not increase it's loft significantly and therefore will not increase it's warmth much. It will however increase weight.


El Coyote Quilts are filled and overstuffed generously enough to attain the loft needed for each temperature rating and reduce down migration as much as possible. If making your quilt warmer is your goal, we recommend moving up to a warmer temp rating that has the larger baffles needed to accommodate more down.


In the short term, our 30% overstuff will help to overcome the slight loss of loft that may occur due to factors you may encounter on trail such as moisture, compression, or as the down gets dirty on a long trip. High fill power, untreated down is exceptionally lofty, but over time, all down will degrade slightly and loose a small amount of loft.

30% overstuff will ensure that over the years, your El Coyote Quilt will maintain necessary loft and give you the confidence to use your custom quilt down to the listed temperature rating.

Why Untreated Down?

Treated vs non-treated down, has been a bit of a Coke vs Pepsi debate in the past with opinions for both sides. Some companies still use hydrophobic treatments, but more and more are moving to untreated down for the list of benefits. Treated down will excel in situations of complete submersion and extreme wetness as seen in tests, but these situations are infrequent in real world scenarios.


At El Coyote Quilts, we prefer untreated down. The loft is superior, and because the natural water repellent oils found in goose down are left intact and untreated, they should last indefinitely if cared for properly. These natural oils do a very comparable job resisting the minor wetness that usually occurs with conditions such as condensation. Because of this, and the fact that our breathable shell fabrics have a quality C-6 DWR finish to repel light moisture or mist, we don't feel that hydrophobic down treatments enhance performance enough to warrant the negative effect they may have on the downs natural oils as they wear off over time. 



Because natural goose down is such a great product by itself, we do not see the need to add any more unnecessary treatments.