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Mountainous Region


AlphaLite 900+ Features

  • Handmade in the USA


  • El Coyote Quilts uses only the highest quality 900+ fill power, untreated goose down. All down is ethically sourced and RDS certified from supply chains that engage in best practices for animal welfare.


  • 30% overstuff comes standard and will fill the baffles more thoroughly. This reduces the movement of the down, eliminating cold spots, and helps to overcome the slight loss of loft that can occur due to factors like moisture and compression.


  • Both inner and outer shell fabrics have been specifically designed to be incredibly soft, unlike similar fabrics that can have a plastic or sticky feel against the skin. Our ultralight nylon fabrics are calendered, downproof and have a DWR (durable water resistant) finish. 


  • AlphaLite quilts are constructed with a 1/3 taper design. The top 2/3 torso section is designed with a straight cut that runs to the top of the footbox where it then gently tapers to the toe. This makes for a much more thermally efficient footbox compared with a no taper design while leaving a little more room in the knees and waist compared with a full or half taper design. This less constricting design is most appreciated by side sleepers and/or active sleepers.   


  • An internal baffle system divided by ultra-fine mesh keeps the down in place. Each baffle is filled precisely with a measured amount of down. There are no sewn-through seams that will cause cold spots.    


  • Vertical baffle design for the torso of the quilt keeps the down from moving to the sides within the internal baffles as you move and lays nicely over the body.


  • Horizontal baffles on the footbox section lock in the down on the area where warmth is needed the most.

  • 24-inch YKK zipper with snap and shock cord footbox closure lets you open the quilt fully and lay flat, seal it up tight on cold nights, or open partially to vent the feet.


  • A pad attachment system is included and connects to the quilt with small, flat, center push buckles. The system is made up of one loop strap to connect the quilt to the pad, and one straight strap. The loop strap has a system to help you quickly identify the right and left side. Both adjust to draw the edges of the quilt as close as you would like to prevent drafts. Works with most average-sized sleeping pads. XL Loop Strap is available for pads 25" and larger. 


  • At the head of the quilt is a snap and gentle elastic shock cord closure with micro cord locks. When drawn closed around your neck, the elastic will keep out drafts, while the cord ends will be on the bottom side of the quilt, so you won’t have a cord laying on your face like you would with drawcords that pull from the top.


  • All El Coyote Quilts include an XL logo storage bag, pad attachment system, and a sticker.

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