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Terms & Conditions 

The use of and/or the ordering, purchase or use of products from El Coyote Quilts, means you understand and agree to be bound by all the following terms and conditions in addition to all other disclaimers, policies, or terms and conditions appearing on this website. El Coyote Quilts LLC reserves the right to change or modify any of the terms and conditions on our website without notice. It is the responsibility of the user to review these terms and conditions before the use of the El Coyote Quilts website or before the purchase or use of our products.


The use of this website and/or the purchase or use of any El Coyote Quilts product means you understand and accept full responsibility for any injury or damages that may occur due to the usage of this site or our products, and that you agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless El Coyote Quilts against any such damages. El Coyote Quilts cannot guarantee that all the information contained on this website will not contain errors, inaccuracies, or omissions. Such errors may relate to price or to product description or availability. El Coyote Quilts reserves the right to correct any error, or to change or update the content without prior notice to you. El Coyote Quilts reserves the right to refuse or cancel any orders at our discretion, whether the order has been submitted, confirmed and/or accepted. If your credit card has been charged for a purchase and your order is cancelled, we shall promptly issue a credit to your credit card.

Handmade Product Specs

All El Coyote Quilts are made by hand and as a result the specifications can vary slightly from one product to the next. Building each product by hand in the USA gives us the ability to make immediate inline changes to products when we see something that can be improved. We do our best to represent our products as accurately as possible on our website and to inform customers of any significant changes when made. El Coyote Quilts is not liable for perceived differences in color, design or construction between products depicted on our website and actual products. It is difficult to take accurate length and width measurements of a fluffy, filled quilt, so the measurements listed in our specs are taken of the sewn but not yet filled quilt, laid out flat. This is a common way in the industry to take these measurements and is the same as measuring a filled quilt when pulled taut. Our sizing guide and recommendations are accurate and take this into consideration.

Third Party Links

We have no control over the content or accuracy of the information found on third party links within our website, therefore we are not responsible or liable for any information, materials, products, or services found on these sites. Any concerns should be directed to the specific third-party resource or service.   

Usage Restrictions

All content found on our website is property of El Coyote Quilts and may not be used by outside parties without the prior written consent of the owner. This includes but is not limited to logos, trade names, text, images, graphics, illustrations, photo, video and any other information or content found on It is prohibited to copy, reuse, redistribute, or change any of this content in any manner for the purpose of using it outside this website.

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