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Pad Attachment


Pad Attachment System

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Pad Attachment System

Pad Attachment System

Quilts are only one part of the sleep system and are designed to be used with an appropriate sleeping pad with an adequate R-value for the conditions.


The pad attachment system, should you choose to use it, will help to eliminate unwanted drafts by connecting the quilt to the pad and allowing you to draw the edges of the quilt in together to get the desired fit. All quilts include one pad attachment system that consists of one loop strap and one straight strap.

Loop Strap

Looking down at the pad, place the loop strap around the sleeping pad to about the center with the female buckle (marked with a red tag) on the right side (there is a matching red tag on the corresponding male buckle of your custom quilt).

*Remember ‘red on the right’ will keep you from putting your pad strap on backwards. 

Position each of the buckles of the pad strap a couple inches from the edge of the pad by using the male (left) buckle to adjust. ALWAYS keep both buckles on the top side of the pad.

The closer the buckles are positioned to each other on the top of the pad, the closer the edges of the quilt will be brought together creating a tighter fit.


For sleeping pads 25" and larger, the XL Loop Strap is required.

Sleeping Pad

Straight Strap

Using the second set of buckles, connect the strap from one edge of the quilt to the other.

Tightening this strap brings the quilt edges closer to each other creating a tighter fit around your body. 

This strap goes between your body and your pad but does NOT attach the quilt to the pad.

Ultralight Quilt


insert your sleeping pad into the quilts footbox, this puts the ultralight shell fabrics under the bottom side of the pad and can cause unnecessary wear.  


place the straight strap around the bottom of the pad, this can cause the sides of the quilt to be drawn under the pad, causing wear to the ultralight shell fabrics.

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