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Choosing a Size

How We Measure Our Quilts

When choosing a size, it is important to understand how we measure our quilts and how those measurements relate to your own personal measurements. Our quilt measurements found in our Quilt Specs are taken of the sewn but NOT YET FILLED quilt, opened fully, and laid flat (this is the same as saying a ‘filled quilt pulled taut’).


This is a common way to take measurements because it is exceedingly difficult to get an accurate, consistent measurement of a fluffy, down filled quilt. Once filled, the quilt will lose a few inches. This is not an exact science, but important to know. A quilt with a drawcord footbox will lose approximately an additional 5” in length when the footbox is drawn closed.


Our Sizing Recommendations

The sizing recommendations found on our sizing guide have already taken into consideration all the factors listed above, so you do not need to do any math or consider any other “formulas” found elsewhere about how to choose a quilt size. You will notice that the length and width recommendations found on our sizing guide are given in a range, this is because people sleep in a range of positions.


For example, a size ‘regular’ length is recommended for users between 5’6” and 6’1” tall.

At 5’6” you could sleep on your stomach with pointed toes and be okay, but a user on the top end at 6’1”, you would likely need to sleep in a slightly bent knee position or move up to the next size.


Make sense?


Our quilt length recommendations are designed to cinch comfortably around your neck with the footbox drawn closed while on your side or back. Width recommendations are given in a range as well. There are instructions on how to measure your girth in addition to choosing a width on our sizing guide.     

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