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  About Us  


El Coyote Quilts is a small, family-run, cottage shop based in Arizona. We take a minimalist approach to custom making some of the highest quality, down, quilt style sleep systems on the market.


Our goal is to hand-make your favorite piece of ultralight gear by taking into consideration every material and feature to create a simple, yet versatile quilt.


Founder, Brian Noakes is a commercial helicopter pilot, backpacker, bikepacker, fly fisherman, gear maker, and passionate outdoorsman. 

“Everyone has that one or two pieces of gear that they love the most. It’s not overbuilt with unnecessary, heavy features or stripped down and flimsy to shave every possible gram. It’s reliable, built by hand using the best materials and will last a lifetime…that’s what we want to build.”

Brian Noakes

El Coyote Quilts strike the perfect balance between lightweight, durability, and versatility.

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