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Usage & Care Tips



  • When you first receive your quilt, remove it from its packaging as soon as possible, gently fluff by hand to evenly distribute down and allow ample time for the down to regain its loft from being compressed.


  • For ground use, always use a waterproof ground cloth to protect your pad and keep your quilt clean.


  • Wearing a base layer in your quilt will help to keep it clean longer.


  • Quilts do not protect your head so wear a warm hat or hood.


  • DO NOT insert your sleeping pad inside the quilt footbox, having the fabric on the underside of the sleeping pad can cause damage to the ultralight shell fabrics.



  • On the trail, if your quilt gets wet, lay it in the sun with the dark, liner fabric facing up to absorb more heat. Be careful when handling it while wet and avoid laying it on sharp surfaces. Gently fluff and break up the down periodically throughout drying. Avoid long-term or intense sunlight beyond the point of drying. 


  • It is possible for small spines of a down cluster to work its way between the fibers of even the highest quality shell fabrics, this is not a problem and can be easily corrected. 


  • DO NOT pull the down cluster the rest of the way out, this will increase the size of the opening and most likely bring more down with it. Pull the down from the backside, back into the quilt chamber, and gently massage the hole with your fingertips to close it. 

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